Parcours mythologiques dans les jardins de Versailles

Alexandre Maral


Jupiter rescuing Latona, Pluto kidnapping Proserpina, Diane in her bath, Iphigenia sacrificed… A whole population of statues comes to life in the writings of the curator, Alexandre Maral, and before the lens of photographer Sophie Lloyd: Apollo, Hercules, Castor and Pollux, Achilles, Ulysses, Dido, dragons and amazons, fauns and Sylvanus, nymphs and naiads…


Around the parterres and in the shade of the groves and walkways, the gardens of the Palace of Versailles are home to sculptural masterpieces, but are we able to identify and interpret them? What stories do they tell us? What are the gods of Olympus and other human and fantasy creatures doing here in the Sun King’s park? Why was such a programme developed under the auspices of Louis XIV and his gardener, André Le Nôtre?


With a rich historical introduction on the construction of the park of Versailles, this book, in the form of a walk enlivened by stories, is an invitation to an in-depth discovery of some thirty statues. Illustrated with exceptional photographs of groups and details, it is rounded out with a map of the gardens.


Publisher: Artlys
Publication: 2012
Number of pages: 144
Dimensions : 17 x 24 cm
ISBN : 9782854954715

French only

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