Lacquer Marie-Antoinette box


On her death, the empress Maria Theresa of Austria bequeathed to her daughter Marie-Antoinette her complete collection of Japanese lacquer objects. 

Produced in an edition of 10 copies, this lacquer box from the collection de Marie-Antoinette is entirely hand-made, based on ancient techniques (detailed below), by the Midavaine workshop. The box, shaped like a fan, is decorated with "maki-e" gold powder standing out on a black background.

Sold exclusively in the Online Boutique of the palace of Versailles, each box is unique and numbered.

Manufacturing techniques of the box: the lacquer sap is harvested by making incisions in the bark of the lacquer tree. It is then purified, dehydrated and homogenised before being applied to the wood on which it forms a smooth and shining surface.

Designer : Atelier Midavaine
Dimensions : 2,9 x 10,3 x 6,7 cm

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