N°3 du magazine du Château de Versailles


In issue 3 of the Château de Versailles magazine: the front page is devoted to the king's dinner table

The complete contents:
Secrets of Versailles: Remains of a forgotten theatre by Raphaël Masson
Outstanding figures: Queen Marie Leszczynska by Anne Muratori-Philip
First-hand accounts: The difficulty of being a courtier by Mathieu da Vinha
Heritage: The Royal Stables by Daniel Roche
Portfolio: Enchanting festivities at Versailles
Court life: The education of the Duc de Bourgogne by Pascale Mormiche
Archives & unpublished documents: Letter from Madame de Maintenon by Mathieu da Vinha
Visit: The War Salon by Alexandre Maral Objects The hidden portrait of Louis XV by Helene Delalex
In the Palace: Corsica becomes French, the Treaty of Versailles (1768) by Michel Verge-Franceschi

Publishers : Château de Versailles and Editions Soteca
Periodicity: quarterly
Language: French
Dimensions: L29.7x W23 cm

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