Death of Louis XIV


"You will see a king in the grave and another in the cradle. Always remember the memory of one and the interests of the other."
It was Louis XIV who said , sick, this sentence to Philippe d'Orleans, his nephew, the future Regent. He is left with only a few days to live. Six days and six nights of suffering, testamentary activity, Christian face to face with its own end.
It is August 1715 significant year for the history of France since Louis XIV died on September 1, "three days before he was seventy-seven, in the seventy-second year of his reign" writes Saint- Simon to the dark heart of his memoirs, ending with these words the story of the disease and the agony of a king, the greatest of his time, whose life was almost identical with the kingdom.

Author: Richard Millet
Editor: Gallimard

ISBN : 9782070320196
Genre : Memoirs and autobiography 
Date of publication: 11 december 2007
Number of pages: 640 pages
Language: French only

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