Magazine Château de Versailles – n°50

Versailles during the Regency period


The magazine Château de Versailles focuses its fiftieth issue on the period following the death of Louis XIV: the Regency.


As soon as Louis XIV died, the Château de Versailles changed era. The imposing works undertaken by the Sun King were suspended, and the court moved to Paris, where the Regent surrounded himself with his ministers and advisers. The young King Louis XV did not escape this decision, moving away from his childhood estate for several years. Only the Tsar of Russia, Peter the Great, took advantage of his visit to discover the now abandoned palace. However, in 1722, shortly before coming of age, the young French monarch returned to the gilded salons of Versailles, and with him all the leading figures of the kingdom. Immediately, the palace regained its former lustre and the royal power resumed its quarters as if nothing had happened.

Copublishers : Château de Versailles et les éditions Soteca, 2023
Number of pages : 82 pages
Dimensions : 23 x 29,7 cm


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