10 years of design, 1997-2007 - Tapestries, carpets, furniture


Since their foundation in the 17th century, the national manufactories of Gobelins, Beauvais and Savonnerie have been creative centres that have constantly maintained a fruitful dialogue, supported by state commissions, with the outstanding artists of their time. This openness to innovation likewise characterises the Mobilier national whose research and design workshop (Atelier de Recherche et de Création, ARC), set up at the initiative of André Malraux in 1964, contributes to introducing contemporary design into the interiors of the official buildings of the Republic.

You will discover here a selection of pieces that reflect the creative vitality of the past ten years. Their variety testifies to the open-minded approach of the committees for the acquisition of models (design and textile) presided over by the Ministry of Culture's Délégué aux Arts Plastiques. They also illustrate the inexhaustible potential for renewal that characterises the art of weaving as well as the freedom left to creative designers in the framework of a public commission policy designed to renew the interiors of outstanding state buildings.

Editor : Réunion des musées nationaux
ISBN : 9782711853007
Nomber of pages : 102
Date of publication : May 2007
Dimensions : 27,7 x 21,7 cm 
Languages : french, english

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