François Girardon, Louis XIV's sculptor


Girardon (1628-1715) died on the same day as Louis XIV and was one of the greatest sculptors of his day. Originally from Troyes, he had a brillant official career and was involved in all the major royal works projects, from the Apollo Gallery at the Louvre to the Dome of the Invalides, not to mention Versailles.
Above and beyond his Apollo Served by the Nymphs group, the Rape of Prospérine and the equestrian statue of Louis XIV for the Palace Vendôme in Paris, his masterpiece is undoubtedly Richelieu's Tomb at the Chapel of the Sorbonne. This Phidias of the Grand Siècle also stands out through his activities as a building contractor, capable of designing ambitious programmes, defining their models and supervising the teams in charge of executing them. Girardon also brought together a large collection of sculptures, including the engraved plates of his most beautiful pièces that are fully reproduced in this book and were published during his lifetime.

Publisher : Arthéna
584 pages, 800 illustrations including nearly 500 in colour
Dimensions : 24 x 32 cm
ISBN : 978-2-903239-55-8
Language : French

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