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Château de Versailles x By Charlot

Treat yourself to a spot of nature with herbariums made from the species of the Admirable Trees from the Park of Versailles.

The Palace of Versailles and By Charlot have teamed up to create a collection of herbaria aiming to highlight the botanical heritage of the former royal residence, which bears witness to the history of the estate.



The Admirable Trees of the Versailles Estate

From the French gardens facing the Palace to the English garden at Trianon, the estate is gifted with extraordinary trees that bear living witness to its history.

Thirty of them have been identified as admirable for their beauty, history or botanical rarity. 20 years after the storm of 1999, the Palace of Versailles is committed to promoting them through this collection of herbariums and a walk enabling all visitors to locate them and get to know them better.

The Admirable Trees walk in the Versailles estate is sponsored by Rémy Martin.

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As the leading botanical concept store since 2017, By Charlot has set itself the mission of dusting off the classic herbarium to make it the centerpiece of even the most refined interiors.
By Charlot’s craftsmanship is its strength. All the herbariums are made in Paris in their own workshop by a team of fairy-fingered herbamakers. As each plant is different, all the herbariums are unique, which is where their charm and exceptional character come from. Leaves are meticulously selected while still fresh, then immortalized by a natural pressing process lasting from 2 to 8 weeks, the steps required to create each herbarium. The compositions are then hand-assembled one by one in the Paris workshop, and carefully checked to ensure the fineness of every detail.

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