Versailles - Volume 1: The Twilight of the King


The Palace of Versailles, an ideal setting for great adventure stories!

This album is the first part of a trilogy – of which each volume is independent – set in the Palace of Versailles, a treasure of the world’s heritage.
When this story begins, it seems that nothing will ever change in the court of the king of France. Political and romantic intrigues flourish in the alcoves and in the groves of the park. Nothing could disturb the peaceful atmosphere of this enchanting place dedicated to pleasure and entertainments.

But odd things soon begin to appear. What about that strange ceremony in which a dying old man literally passes on the torch of life to a newborn child? And who are the Roberts, those mysterious servants, so efficient and so discreet? Are the inhabitants of the Palace really free to leave? 
Nicolas de Barberon and Mahaut de Rosny, young aristocrats in love, begin a dangerous quest that will lead then to discover an incredible truth!

Éric Adam, script-writer
Didier Convard, script-writer
Éric Liberge, artist

Co-publishers: Glénat - château de Versailles
48 pages . Format : 240 mm x 320 mm
Format: hardback
ISBN : 978-2-7234-8842-6
Parution: 3 octobre 2012

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