"à l'égaré" knot silver necklace


In the 18th century, the ribbon knot naturally found its place in the vocabulary of jewellery.
Jean Henri Prosper Pouget, a jeweller and ornamentalist, published two treatises, in 1762 and 1764, giving a broad overview of French jewellery at the time. In particular, he listed all the different types of ribbon knot.
The ribbon could be simple and unadorned, or it could be beaded, plant-covered, decorated with flowers or diamonds, or have several loops. The variations were numerous and often complex, reflecting the talent and imagination of jewellers who were constantly in demand by nobles and courtiers anxious to look their best. One knot in particular is famous: the "Gilles knot", created by the goldsmith Gilles Légaré and adopted by Madame de Sévigné's contemporaries. It consists of a gold or silver brooch in the shape of a ribbon knot with several loops, sometimes with a pendant, pearls or diamonds, worn in the middle of the bodice, hence its nickname "à l'égaré".

Material: silver plated brass
Dimensions: 55 cm x 2.2 cm x 1.5 cm
Maintenance: Keep the jewellery away from dust and moisture. Avoid contact with perfume, chemicals, and cosmetics; avoid getting the jewellery wet.

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