The Album of Marie-Antoinette


The album of Marie-Antoinette
Collection of views and plans of the Petit Trianon

In 1774, Marie-Antoinette took possession of the Petit Trianon and redesigned its gardens.

Following the fashion of the period, she created from scratch an English or Anglo-Chinese garden, an Eden of undulating terrain and elegant buildings. With the pride of a landowner, she commissioned her architect, Richard Mique, to produce several large watercolor collections, true portraits of her new estate. The subtle watercolors of the painter Claude Louis Châtelet capture the enchanting atmosphere of the place.

Elisabeth Maisonnier, chief curator at the Palace of Versailles and head of the drawing room, has chosen to reproduce Marie-Antoinette's personal copy, and has devoted a study to it that highlights the special place of the Petit Trianon in the fashion for English gardens at the end of the 18th century.

Elisabeth Maisonnier,
with In Fine éditions d'art
Number of pages : 44 and 92
Dimensions : 26 x 32 cm
Publication date : October 12, 2022
Language : French

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