Investigation at Versailles Palace


Will Rosalie and Pierre manage to outwit the traps and find Marie-Antoinette's fan?

May 1771. Tonight, at the Palace of Versailles, a grand ball will be given in honor of the marriage of the Count of Provence and the Princess of Savoy. Rosalie, 6 years old, is having fun in the Menagerie with the fan that Marie-Antoinette gave to her mother, the queen's lady-in-waiting. Accompanied by her friend Pierre, the little girl twirls in the middle of the groves... But disaster! A parrot appears, grabs the fan with its beak and runs away! Our two heroes will have to go through the gardens and the castle to get their hands on the fan. Will they manage to find it just in time for the ball?

This illustrated book invites children to discover Versailles through games and riddles. By involving them directly in the story, this collection develops children's curiosity and seeks to encourage them to start reading on their own.

Author: Nathalie Lescaille-Moulènes
Alice Morentorn
Publisher: Editions Gründ
Publication date: Avril 2022
Size: 25 x 28 cm
Number of pages: 40 pages
Language: French

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